How to outsource food supplements manufacturing with maximum guarantees

Outsourcing manufacturing of food supplement has become a clear upward trend. The increased demand for these products among the population, each day more concerned with ensuring that their body has all the necessary nutrients for functioning properly, leads to the development of new proposals to give answers to such need. The complexity involved in the development and manufacture of Food Supplements means that both big international firms and brands with smaller volumes subcontract their production to specialized laboratories.

Albert Sala Llinares, PhD, R&D Director at NutraResearch

Big firms choose this path because, with a wide range of products, they prefer to have suppliers of the highest confidence, such as NutraProcés. Thanks to this they incorporate their high knowledge, ensuring the highest quality in each of the proposals they launch on the market. Small start-ups also choose this option because by doing this they outsource the production service, without having to have their own facilities, while enjoying the great know-how that we provide as a supplier manufacturer.

In all cases, when subcontracting a manufacturer of food supplements, major aspects must be taken into account. Selecting a good supplier is key, as well as that the agreement reflects all the necessary aspects that guarantee that the collaboration will be serious, fruitful, and lasting.

When a firm decides to subcontracting a manufacturer, they must be sure to select the best supplier. That is why various technical and contractual aspects must be considered. In addition to being able to guide how to ensure a success of a new formulation when it is placed on the market, NutraProcés knows in depth the critical aspects to consider in the agreements for the manufacture of food supplements.

Before starting any project, it is a must to be 100% sure that the product is adequate, both in quality and in the type of proposal, so that it is reliable and has guaranteed its success in the market. In case of doubt, it is advisable to use a good formulation team. At NutraResearch, in our R&D division, we provide brands with efficient formulations, of the highest quality and that we know will have high demands.

Before looking for possible candidates, you have to know what type of technology you need in order to find the most suitable manufacturer for your product. Can you produce it? Does it suit the production volumes I propose, large or small? Do you have the knowledge the necessary facilities and equipment that is needed?

After clarifying needs and stablishing a decision criterion, it is possible to perform a successful search for suppliers that matches the need that the firm need to launch into the market.

In the case of NutraProcés, for example, our multidisciplinary teams, with great expertise, and optimum facilities allow us to adapt to any type of product, from a vitamin to the most complex nutraceutical formulation, placing us at the forefront of both quality and innovation.

During the selection of the supplier, the firm is faced with different options, and it is important to specify and take into account what information should be exchanged before entering into a contract. The brand must have peace of mind when consulting with a supplier and know that for just a rough quote it does not require to privide all the information regarding the project to be manufactured.

Before signing the agreement, it is necessary to properly plan each of the work steps and together define the responsibilities of each party. Considering all these aspects will ensure the manufacture of the food supplement not only with the required quality, but also in the requested time. In this way, the collaboration agreement must establish all the steps to be followed and their deadlines and also ensure owners to define how the project will be properly monitored and controlled.

To successfully translate a reached agreement by both parties, the draft of the contract must take into account many aspects: foresee possible conflicts in losses and yields; what to do to guarantee the confidentiality of the client-supplier relationship; and what are the critical points to consider in the delimitation of responsibilities.

Clearly, the quote and the price that the supplier proposes for the production of the food supplement is another basic aspect. There is no point in embarking on the production of a food supplement if the profitability of the product is not guaranteed from the beginning once it is on the market. The preparation of quotes, perusing costs of the bill of materials and to calculate benefits is necessary and will in turn guide the negotiation with the manufacturer. The extensive experience in the production of food supplements makes NutraProcés know all those aspects to consider, in such a way that it also advises its clients on all the keys to evaluating profitability from the point of view of the contracting company. Guaranteeing the profitability of the product and an honest and trustworthy relationship ensures a long collaboration that interests both parties, both the firm and the supplier.

The firm must also ensure that there will be a reliable supply. The supplier must respond not only in the amounts and timings agreed, but must ensure that it adapts well to seasonality, high production peaks and, above all, that it delivers on time. On these aspects relies the fact that then the product can be found on the store shelves or reaches the market at just the right time.

But the final supplier choice criteria must go beyond the product, price and delivery times. In the decision, it is also necessary to verify that a total understanding exists from the beginning between the project that the firm wants to develop and the supplier that will oversee its manufacture. This good fit will be the guarantee of the collaboration’s exit.

Knowing the customer orientation policy by the supplier is developing will tell in advance to what extent and to what level it can be adapted to the needs of the firm. The commitment of our clients to the project defines NutraProcés, which entails full involvement so that it can become a market success.

For this, it is necessary to consider the critical aspects mentioned, to ensure from the very beginning that the collaboration is developed correctly and a solid relationship is established in which all the necessary aspects are considered, which ensures the present and long-term success of the product that the firm launches into the market.