The Management of NUTRARESEARCH 2011, S.L. implements its Quality and Food Safety Policy in all its activities.

The main objective of this Policy is focused on meeting the needs and expectations of customers and other stakeholders, offering a personalized service and treatment to each of them, with the aim of collaborating in the achievement of their goals.

Likewise, the purpose of this Management is to provide quality services and products to customers, based on planning, continuous improvement, and a constant innovative concern that allows anticipating market trends in the field of dietary products, dietary supplements, medical products, etc.

At all times, practices that guarantee quality and food safety – in products, processes, facilities, etc. – will be implemented, with initial and ongoing training for employees. Suppliers, subcontractors, and all analysis results will be thoroughly verified. All of this will contribute to achieving a food culture throughout the organization, assuming the commitment to comply with applicable food safety requirements in all products produced, including legal and regulatory requirements, and requirements mutually agreed upon with customers.

For all these reasons, this General Management is committed to complying with the Food Quality and Safety System, with the firm aim of continuing to work towards continuous improvement at all times. A strong commitment is established to customer care and satisfaction, professionalism, service quality, confidentiality, and ethics.

Management is committed to providing the company with sufficient means and resources to enable it to manufacture products that meet all hygiene and safety standards, adapting to the highest standards of food quality, as well as providing sufficient channels for effective internal and external communication.