NUTRARESEARCH 2011, S.L. is a company that wishes to be leader in research and development services as well as technology transfer for pharmaceutical products and food supplements to third parties.

To achieve this objective, we have implemented a Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standards, which integrate the best recognized practices within our sector.

Thus, Management wishes to communicate to all staff, our valued customers and suppliers that we assume full leadership and commitment in the development and implementation of the Quality Management System based on the following principles:

• Quality of our services is the result of our commitment to quality, performed by technically experienced and trained staff, working through appropriate processes, equipment and in the appropriate facilities.

• Customer satisfaction must be our first priority. Our effort should be focused on offering our valued clients great flexibility, commitment and a high level of technical advice, increasing our respect in the market, the satisfaction and loyalty of our valued clients.

• It is essential to comply with our client’s requirements as well as all legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our services and products within the framework of an ethical and professional behavior.

• The Quality Management System must be effective and efficient, aimed at continuous quality improvement.

• The Management commits to provide all necessary resources for the fulfillment of the Quality objectives and will periodically review the results of the Quality Management System operation, to ensure its suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.

For the fulfillment of these objectives, the full participation of all of us, who are the core of our company is essential, and therefore we request everyone to fully commit to this Quality Policy.