The Management of NUTRARESEARCH 2011, S.L. establishes its quality policy in all the activities that we carry out. As a company that aims to be a leader in innovation as well as in providing research, development and technology transfer services for products for the food supplements and pharmaceutical sector to third parties, a Quality Management System has been implemented according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard. and that integrates the best practices recognized in our sector. For this reason, the management wishes to communicate to all personnel, customers, and suppliers that it assumes leadership and commitment in the development and application of the Quality Management System, based on the following principles: 

• The quality of our services and products is the result of our commitment to quality, which is why continuous improvement in terms of people and their training is one of our objectives. 

• These services must be based on correctly documented processes, under a good implementation and execution plan. 

• All of this is carried out using state-of-the-art equipment, and in facilities suitable for its use and safety. 

• Likewise, a commitment to professionalism is established, based on the services offered that are always hand in hand with technically competent and trained personnel, complying with a vow to confidentiality, ethics and good compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to each product or service offered. 

• The Quality Management System must be effective and efficient, aimed for continuous quality improvement. For all these reasons, the Management undertakes to provide the necessary resources for the fulfillment of the Quality objectives, and periodically review the results of the Quality Management System, to ensure its suitability, suitability and effectiveness. . For the fulfillment of these objectives, the full participation of all of us who make this company is essential, and we ask everyone to fully commit to this Quality Policy.