our services

We carry out all the experimental, documentary and advisory work, ranging from searching for the supplier of the active ingredient to preparing the Registration Dossier.

Api selection

Active ingredients are the basis for the effectiveness of our products. Our experts in fitotherapy and botany are key in the formulation.

FORMULATION development

The Formulation Development department and its extensive expertise in pharmaceutical technology help the active ingredients reach the point of action and obtain effective and stable products, with a focus on releasing the active at its best point of action.

Analytical development

Our partners in Analytical Development provide the essential tools to be able to carry out the necessary analytical determinations of the new products developed.

Industrialization and tech transfer

Thanks to our extensive experience in industrialization and the acquisition of Nutraprocés, we can expand our capabilities, without borders in innovation, internally or externally with our partners. We also offer tech transfers at client's facilities.

Registration dossier

Preparation with extensive in-house experience and exhaustive preparation of the registration dossier for new products, and modifications of the registration dossier for existing products.