NutraResearch moves forward with its formulations looking at 2021 marketneeds

• This 2021 the market will demand natural preventive care solutions, which will include vitamins C, D, andincreasingly, supplements with probiotics, as well as natural solutions to reduce anxiety and sleep care.

• An internal committee continuously analyzes and evaluates what the new market trends will be, so the company is already developing the food supplements that will be requested by the industry and the consumer this year

Developing a high-quality food supplement takes time. However, many times, pharmaceutical companies ask NutraResearch for a new product that they would like to have on the market as soon as possible, given trending market needs. NutraResearch has never chosen the fast track, since its commitment has always been to maintain full reliability on its products, and this takes time. That is why we have developed the ability to proactively, move ahead with market trends and thus, be the ones who offer laboratories those products that we know will be a high demand.

This has been the scenariofor 2020. NutraResearch experts areconstantly in connection with the nutraceutical market sector internationally and explore the trends and what is taking place in different parts of the planet. For example, thanks to their close connections in China, they noticed very early that a major epidemic started there and showed a high speed of spread. Thanks to this, when the pandemic reached Europe in March, NutraResearch team was already formulating a specific product to strengthen defenses and improve the response of the immune system.

“We have the ability to move forward, we have gone from being a reactive company to a proactive one,” explains Gemma Casadevall, Ph.D. and NutraResearch’s CEO. The NutraResearch organization has a specific internal committee that is alert to everything that happens in the market, both here and in EU and alsoin US and Asia, to see what sets the new trends. “We look at market indicators, why one product works more than another …”, explains Casadevall. Based on the information, they analyze and evaluate what the new trends will be and develop the food supplements that consumers will most likely requestlater.

But what are the new trends in food supplements and what will the new demand befor 2021?

By 2021, NutraResearch team sees a very important wave of preventive care treatments approaching, encouragedby large by the effects that the pandemic has caused or may cause on health.

Consequently, treatments aimed at strengthening the immune system are increasing exponentially. There is a high demand for vitamin C and D, while probiotic consumption will increase even more. This is due to a greater knowledge about the importance of keeping gut microbiota in good condition: someone with a healthy digestive tract has a greater immune capacity against external agents.

“Nowadays there is a greater awareness of the criticality of health prevention. If you have a nutrient deficiency, your immune system will most likely fall”, says the CEO. Until now, there was a segment of the population that had no concerns about taking medication or food supplements. However, another part has been usually reticent, but now finds in food supplements of natural and non-chemical origin anextremely good and healthy alternative. That is why the market of food supplements is experiencing a very important growth. ANutraResearch formulation can offer, for example, the highest quality vitamins from natural extracts that are trusted by the consumer.

In 2021 the market will also demand natural solutions that help reduce anxiety and allow to sleep better. The pandemic has caused significant psychological disorders in the population. There are those who choose antidepressants and those who turn to food supplements. In the latter case, a very good solution has been found with melatonin. In this case, NutraResearch formulation, which combines knowledge of medicinal botany and phytotherapy with pharmacological knowledge – since its researchers come from the pharmaceutical industry- has developed a supplement that allows melatonin to be released slowly throughout the night. The result is that “the formulation is non-drowsy at all and you do not wake up quickly when the effect ends as it happens with a conventional drug. The ideabehind this innovative formulation is that you just get a good night’s sleep,”explains CEO Gemma Casadevall.

Anticipation, focus on R&D and innovation represent the merging of a commitment that the founders of NutraResearch, Carlos Fernández (RIP) and Carlos Stampa, started, two senior managers from two large pharmaceutical companies that already saw, many years ago, that technical knowledge and formulation are key and future aspects in this industry.