Dr. Albert Sala provides executives with practical training for the development and commercialization of nutraceuticals

In this edition, the iKN Spain course includes the marketing of Novel Food in the USA and Asia.

The Director of R&D at NutraResearch, Dr. Albert Sala Llinares, will deliver from March 12 to 14 the iKN training aimed at executive professionals in the pharmaceutical sector on how to apply new trends and legislative requirements for the development, authorization, and marketing of food supplements. This edition includes as a novelty training related to the marketing requirements of new ingredients and foods – also known as Novel Food – in the United States and Asia.

This training covers all the necessary phases that a new product’s manufacturing, authorization, and market launch process must go through, but focused from a wholly practical standpoint. This is how Dr. Sala, a reference in the sector, explains with examples his knowledge derived from a long career as an expert in botany and developer of nutraceuticals to ensure their highest quality and market entry.

Over three days, with the most knowledgeable individuals, the most common errors detected in the notifications received by Health Authorities will be reviewed; how to obtain the checklist so that the labeling and promotional activities of the supplements are compatible with the demands of the Health Authorities will be seen; and practical examples of the implementation of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points System (HACCP System) will be analyzed.

Thus, the extensive experience of the R&D director of NutraResearch in the development of food supplements and in the proper implementation of processes for their market introduction by pharmaceutical companies has been complemented with presentations from other distinguished experts in regulation, including those from the administration and from relevant companies in the sector, such as the technical director of Genevector Antonio Montoro; the expert in Regulatory Affairs Laura Begueria, from NATURITAS; the expert in regulatory affairs Xavier de Diego; and the head of Regulatory Affairs at PEN & TEC CONSULTING, Mireia Romagosa.