The NutraSalud magazine features the latest advances from NutraResearch

NutraSalud magazine, focused on concepts that combine aspects of nutrition aimed at improving well-being and health, has featured the latest advances being developed by NutraResearch.

The article highlights the in-depth scientific work supporting the doctoral thesis on the application of pharmaceutical technology in nutritional supplements, and the potential of orally taken natural products for skin health. This research is conducted by Javier Sala, head of the pilot plant, as an investigator, and Gemma Casadevall, director of the pharmaceutical technology department at the University of Barcelona.

NutraResearch, distinguished for its pioneering role in the development of nutritional supplements, is shaping a new series of solutions that anticipate self-care demands, align with emerging trends, and continue its commitment to leading innovation in the nutraceutical sector. These innovations leverage the company’s new controlled-release and bioadhesion technology, which facilitate more effective and precise interaction of active ingredients in the body.

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