NutraResearch’s Supply Chain and R&D team attends Pharmapack Europe to continue leading in sustainable packaging applications

In light of the positive reception of the innovative sustainable blister that NutraResearch is introducing to the market, the company’s Supply Chain and R&D teams are attending this week’s Pharmapack Europe in Paris. This leading event in pharmaceutical packaging, medical devices, and drug delivery solutions is an opportunity for them to delve deeper into sustainable packaging solutions.

NutraResearch’s R+D team in Pharmapack Europe 2023

“We are strongly committed to sustainable packaging, an element that conveys the values that govern our company, focused on health, innovation, and quality,” aspects completely related to an important factor such as the environment, explains Gemma Casadevall, General Director of NutraResearch.

Since its launch in 1997, Pharmapack has been the reference event in Europe for pharma sector packaging, bringing together more than 300 companies from this industry from 75 countries, and now clearly focusing on sustainability and social and environmental responsibility.

Casadevall, R&D Director Albert Sala, and Purchasing Manager Juan Antonio Lorente, make up the NutraResearch team that plans to use this event as a vital forum to discuss and promote more ecological and responsible practices in the industry, thus deepening the importance of sustainability in pharmaceutical packaging. In this sense, Pharmapack aims to be the main enabler, a goal that NutraResearch, with its innovative sustainable blister, is more than ready to help achieve.

NutraResearch’s Recyclable Blister

NutraResearch’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is embodied in its latest creation: a 100% recyclable blister, designed to replace conventional plastic and aluminum packaging, which are difficult to recycle. This breakthrough positions the company at the forefront of the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement sector, aligning with the European Union’s circular economy strategy.

Conventional blisters, made of PVC/PVDC and aluminum, provide an effective moisture barrier but at a high environmental cost. NutraResearch’s new blister, however, offers comparable moisture protection, as proven in rigorous validation studies, meeting the requirements of the ICH Q1A standard. These studies involved subjecting products packaged in the new blisters to extreme temperature and humidity conditions, with results confirming their effectiveness and stability.