NutraResearch, a leader in nutraceutical innovation, is preparing a new range of advanced solutions for 2024

NutraResearch, known for its leadership in the development of dietary supplements, is preparing a new range of advanced solutions for 2024 in response to new trends, continuing its mission to lead the way in innovation in the nutraceutical industry sector. Many of these developments, based on NutraResearch’s new technology of controlled release platforms, will allow the active ingredients of the new solutions to interact in the body, ensuring a more effective and specific action.

Mucosal bioadhesion technology offers greater efficacy to liquid supplements.

The company has worked intensively to anticipate market trends and health needs that arise in 2024. In response to this, NutraResearch has carried out new research in its controlled release technologies under the leadership of its general manager, Gemma Casadevall. This has made it possible to increase the range of solutions, both solid and liquid, allowing the active components of its dietary supplements to act at the precise place and time within the body. This innovation ensures not only greater efficacy but also optimization of the bioavailability of its products.

This year, NutraResearch will present its innovations at key events and fairs in both Europe and the USA, highlighting its advances in formulations. Among these, mucosal bioadhesion technologies for liquid supplements stand out, allowing for more effective nutrient absorption, as well as controlled solid release in the body.

Solutions for skincare, hair care, and beauty from within; strengthening defenses; and anti-stress solutions, against fatigue and insomnia are some of the main demands that find the most effective answers in NutraResearch.

In the field of cognitive health, NutraResearch will continue to pave the way this year. With a focus on the aging population and the preservation of cognitive skills, the company has developed products that improve memory and concentration. Ingredients such as eleutherococcus, rhodiola, and saffron, backed by science, are part of these innovative solutions.

‘We focus on offering solutions that respond to the specific needs of the population. Whether for moments of high demand or for long-term care, our formulas are designed to deliver tangible results and significantly improve the quality of life,’ explains Dr. Albert Sala, who heads the R&D department of NutraResearch.

Furthermore, NutraResearch is reaping the fruits of its intense work over the last year to offer its customers innovative sustainable packaging that guarantees stability while maintaining the high quality of all its products. This added value ‘is being very well received by the most conscious firms that want to present fully environmentally friendly solutions to the market,’ highlights the general manager, Gemma Casadevall.

With a constant commitment to innovation and quality, NutraResearch works to demonstrate that science and technology can converge to create cutting-edge nutraceutical solutions that benefit the whole society. Firms associated with NutraResearch will bring these new products to the market, offering consumers the latest in effective and safe dietary supplements.