NutraResearch solutions take off in the international market

Innovation and quality, along with high technological capacity, is leading NutraResearch to take off in the international market. The company is carrying out an internationalization and diversification strategy that will change its dependence on the domestic market and is opening up great possibilities for growth. Thanks to the acquisition of the new factory in Barberà del Vallès, that has enough capacity to respond to a growing demand.

This internationalization is taking place in two ways: by supplying clients that export to other countries and by bringing together foreign firms that have seen in NutraResearch’ solutions great quality and reliability that they cannot find in other formulators and that clearly respond to their needs and requirements.

Mostly, this is because responding to the international market when it comes to the development of food supplements is not easy: sometimes the formulation of the same product is different for each of the countries to which it is addressed. In this sense, NutraResearch is equipped with the highest technology that allows us to better understand the behavior of the formulationsunder specific temperature and humidity conditions of each area of ​​the planet, which allows the development of the food supplementand also ensures that its properties are stable and remain undamagedunder the conditions in which you will find the product in the market you are targeting.

Likewise, each market has different regulation and the product is tailored to the client needs in relation to legal requirements for each country. “We develop products that are sold in Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria, Ukraine and Eastern Europe, Asian countries, … and in each case, the conditions and requirements may be different, thus the product can notbe the same”, explains the Commercial Area Director, Robert Garcia. A good example of the differences that occur in each area is the case of Algeria, where due to protectionist policies, the product is sold in bulk, and the country’s factories take care of the final packaging.

In addition to the manufacture of different products for export, “we are noticing an increase in demand from international laboratories that come to us to manufacture for them”, explains Garcia. Currently, NutraResearch serves pharmaceutical companies in the UK, France and South America. “In the United Kingdom they have seen how we manufacture coated tablets with a very high qualityprotective coating, something that they value very much”, suggests the Commercial Area Director. For international laboratories, the location of NutraResearch as a developer and supplier in southern Europe is another strong point, as they can find their way into this market. In the same way, NutraResearch allows European marketers to make the leap to the large US market, since it is one of the few developers and suppliers that have the FDA certification, necessary to operate in this market.

At the same time, the extensive knowledge and know-how of the NutraResearch team means that its specialists are required at an international level to train technicians, scientists, and managers of the new product divisions of companies in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and development of food complements.