NutraResearch performs training for the pharmaceutical industry in Latin America

The extensive knowledge and know-how of the NutraResearch team means that its specialists are required at an international level to train managers, scientists and heads of the new product divisions of companies in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food supplement development sectors.

For example, the CEO of NutraResearch, Gemma Casadevall, will give the seminar Development of pharmaceutical products on May 22th till 13th of June. Focused on the ICH Q8 Guideline, organized by LATFAR, and aimed at the technical-scientific community of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and related industries in Latin America.

Latfar, with offices in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, is a technical-scientific training and consulting company for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and related industries throughout the continent, which develops new capacities through specialized training programs.

The entity highlights from Casadevall its more than 20 years of experience leading world-wide teams in the sector. “Passionate about the research and development of pharmaceutical products (…) she has many years of knowledge in the entire cycle of developing complete products: from carbon-chemistry til the finished product comes out the door packaged”.

In addition to her duties as Executive Director at NutraResearch, Gemma Casadevall has already been teaching at the University of Barcelona. For Latfar, “Gemma is aware of the value generated by the innovation of pharmaceutical products for the well-being of society, which is why it is committed to sharing her experience. She is a volunteer at the Ship2B Company, an institution that helps people who start from scratch, foundersof new companiesthat need advice from outsiders who have knowledge in the industry. In this organization she encourages her colleagues with constructive criticism. Her professional career has given her the support to train teams that want to expand their competencies ”.