NutraResearch acquires an HPLC equipment that verifies that all samples meet their specifications

The new technology meets the highest standards of the pharmaceutical field, to which the food supplement firm has adhered, faithful to its mission of offering innovative and effective products of the highest quality.

NutraResearch Chromatographic HPLC Analysis Equipment

NutraResearch has made a new investment in high technically complex equipment to offer products of the highest quality and under the highest standards of the pharmaceutical field, much strict than those of the food supplements sector.

The latest acquisition is an HPLC equipment, which responds to the name of High Performance Liquid Chromatography. It is an equipment responsible for analyzing samples of a product in order to verify that it meets all its analytical quality specifications.

For this analysis, the equipment chooses the samples to be analyzed automatically, and incorporates its content into the column through a bypass. Driven by a quaternary pump, the product passes through a column heater, and a diode ARRAY analyzes up to eight wavelengths at the same time.

Thanks to this very specific analysis, which is not mandatory of food supplement manufacturers, “we can confirm that our products, which are more complex, have the properties and meet the high standards for which they have been designed”, explains Javier Sala. from the R&D department.

For example, the team can check if the randomly selected samples always contain exactly the milligrams of melatonin that have been established for this product.

Likewise, NutraResearch has developed complex products, such as controlled release tablets of the active ingredient. The HPLC equipment can verify if the active ingredient is actually released in the way that it has been specifically designed. “If the tablet release for 8 hours, the analysis can corroborate, for example, the amount of active ingredient released in the first hour, the second, and so on until the eighth”, comments Sala.

The complexity of the equipment requires its handling by experts in this technology. “All R&D studies and development go hand by hand with analytical tests. This is not philosophy, with this we demonstrate and certify the results of the products we develop”, adds Albert Sala.

Until now, NutraResearch carried out these studies in collaboration with external laboratories. “Having our own technology allows us to be more agile in analytics, to perform them on a daily basis and have much greater speed and flexibility,” concludes the NutraResearch scientist.