Dr. Sala Llinares discusses the latest advances in formulation at the 11th Phytotherapy Congress

Nutraresearch R&D director, Dr. Albert Sala Llinares, will discuss New formulation trends in phytotherapy products in a presentation that he will address on October 13 at the 11th Phytotherapy Congress of the Spanish Phytotherapy Society ( SEFIT).

Dr. Albert Sala Llinares leads supplement formulation and development at NutraResearch.

At this meeting, only great experts expose the latest innovations and trends to the entire scientific community and professionals related to medicinal plants and the therapeutic use of actives from natural sources and their derivatives (doctors, pharmacists, biologists, ethnobotanists, etc. .)

Doctor in Pharmacy from the University of Barcelona and specialized in Botany, he is an expert in pharmaceutical technology, as well as a specialist in Analysis and Control of Medicines and Drugs. He has gained in these fields a professional career of more than 30 years, in which he has lived and starred great advances in phytotherapy, formulation technology and its use and applications in the development of food supplements.

In his presentation, Dr. Sala Llinares will discuss the formulation challenges of working with compositions that contain plant actives, extracts and their derivatives, and how this is opening the door to apply proprietary technology from the pharma sector in the field of phytotherapy.

Sala Llinares will focus on new possibilities in the presentation of formulations, through solutions focused on impro posology, improving compatibility and solving incompatibilities. Likewise, the application of new technologies allows some actives to be released in the precise place of absorption and even to guarantee its availability just when the body needs its action, either quickly or by prolonging it over time. Responsible for Development and formulation at NutraResearch, Sala Llinares will also discuss the importance of conducting stability studies on formulations before they are marketed, to ensure quality and efficacy.