Well-being of our people, a must within NutraResearch

NutraResearch group develops and produces food supplements that contribute to maintaining balance and well-being in people. This concern is also transferred in many ways to the team that integrates and works in the organization.

This is how, in parallel to the growth in all areas of NutraResearch, Jéssica del Río has also joined the People department. Her profile, with experience in the food sector and in Human Resources, significantly reinforces an area whose mission is to ensure the well-being of people within the company. In order to build good people management, we also have the advice of Teresa Niubó, from Bloom Mood, a great expert in this area.

 Some of the members of NutraResearch, during one of the sessions carried out to reinforce teamwork.

This NutraResearch focus to people takes into account both guaranteeing well-being at work and facilitating the professional development of those who make up the group. As an example, there are already many people from different areas in NutraResearch who are carrying out a professional development growth plan according to their expectations and interests, expanding their background and knowledge, which, together with the experience they obtain in their job, allows you to grow professionally. This aspect is another reflection of the great involvement of NutraResearch in training, as well as the conviction of the great value that it brings to the development of people.

Likewise, the group offers tools to its workers so that they can carry out their responsibilities ensuring good health and well-being. Some examples are the training on how to manage the workload with balance and well-being or the sessions aimed at increasing confidence in the teams, directed by Clara Núñez. It is about reinforcing skills related to communication and teamwork: how to interact between people who occupy different departments, learning to communicate effectively, weaving an environment of harmony and trust.

“Growing as a company also means growing as a great team. Work occupies an important part of our lives, and ensuring happiness during all that time is essential”, explains the CEO of NutraResearch, Gemma Casadevall. “We do nothing but be consistent. It would not make sense to work for the people who take our supplements without also taking care of those of us who are part of NutraResearch”, adds the director of People and the Financial area, Imma Pulido.