We celebrate together that we are a great team

All people who make up the NutraResearch Group met on July 22 at the Barberà del Vallès facilities to celebrate together a summer cocktail to start our the summer break.

This is a highly expected meeting, after having to cancel the Christmas celebration last December due to the pandemic. Finally, it was possible to bring together both the people from the NutraResearch development center in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat and those from the Nutraprocés production plant in Barberà del Vallès.

The CEO NutraResearch, Gemma Casadevall, thanked all the attendees for their presence, including the members of the group, and remembered Carlos Fernández, co-founder of NutraResearch together with Carlos Stampa. “I’m sure he would be very proud of everything we’ve done and how much we’ve grown,” she said excited.

“It is a good time to meet and celebrate the successes we have achieved so far, both at the professional and personal level. We have grown and consolidated. It is a team effort between NutraResearch and Nutraprocés, two companies in the process of merging within the NutraResearch group”, explained Casadevall. The CEO emphasized the great importance of this teamwork: “we already function in the same boat, in which we all row hard and together. If you stop rowing, the boat will twist, so all the pieces are equally important and necessary.

The summer cocktail provided also that the personnel that operate in both site could get to know each other and strengthen their relationships with each other. All the people present toasted to what had been achieved and to the new challenges, as well as to… a well-deserved summer vacation!