The power of natural food supplements to overcome hair loss

Hair loss is normal phenomena. Every day, we lose about 100 hairs. However, in autumn various circumstances align so that hair loss often accelerates. After washing your hair, you may see a large amount of hair on the shower or on your comb. Why does this happen?

In many cases it is related to the normal cycle change of hair. However, summer “wear and tear” (chlorine in the pool, sea salt and the effect of solar radiation) also influences, and the increase of stress due to the return to work and the retake of tasks and obligations. There is scientific evidence that explains that hair loss or baldness is the result of genetic, hormonal and environmental effects, among others. On the latter, the prestigious scientific journal Nature published in March 2021 a study that shows that, indeed, there is a direct relationship between stress and the alteration of the state of our hair. Researchers found that secretion of cortisol, a stress hormone, affects the normal life cycle of hair, preventing it from regenerating.

Likewise, a lack of vitamins and iron can also contribute to this condition, something that happens, for example, in women after giving birth, they lose a large amount of hair during the postpartum period. Covid can also cause hair loss after suffering the disease. In all these cases, and without having to rely into prescription medication, nutraceuticals can be a good solution for our hair health and general well-being.

NutraResearch develops new generation treatments that tackle the problem in a holistic way, seeking to restore the health of the hair from within as well as the balance and well-being of the entire organism. Our 100% natural formulas target the main causes of hair loss, impacting each risk factor, using key ingredients that reduce the effects of stress and day-to-day hair health. Some of the natural elements used are ashwagandha, which balances cortisol levels, improving the hair growth cycle; collagen precursor amino acids, which replace depleted collagen, an essential elements for hair, as it is responsible for its structure, strength and resistance; vitamin D, which strengthens the immune system and whose deficiency is also related to hair loss; as well as turmeric, which reduces stress and the harmful effect of the DHT hormone linked to hair loss in both men and women. Its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects also help hair grow healthy and strong.

Moreover, in order to take care of our hair health through a good nutraceutical, we recommend, as we always like to emphasize, maintaining healthy habits for our integral well being: a healthy and balanced diet, practicing regular exercise and sleeping, as long as we can, all the necessary hours .