The NutraResearch group grows thanks to the success of its innovation.

New facilities, new equipment, new positions and staff. “This is a very important structural change, a process that we have coordinated very well, knowing what the objective was and how to get there, and that allows us to respond effectively to the new demand and manage the day-to-day activity” explains the Operation Director, Javier Martín.

Arrival of new equipment at the group’s facilities in Barberà del Vallès, this October.

NutraResearch is experiencing significant growth after introducing innovative formulations and new products to the market that have revolutionized the world of food supplements, introducing technologies from the pharmaceutical sector.

For this, the ability to produce its own formulations in a wide variety of pharmaceutical dosage forms has also been decisive, thanks to the acquisition of 100% of the production plant of Nutraprocés in Barberà del Vallès. In this manner, the know-how is maintained internally and the correct technological transfer of said technologies is ensured. Manufacturing internally makes possible to ensure that they maintain all the specifications for which they have been designed, some of which may be extremely complex, ensuring the high final quality of the product.

“The entire team in charge of manufacturing has a mentality and we follow quality standards that are mandatory only in the pharmaceutical sector,” explains the Operations Director, Javier Martín, who refers to the audits carried out.

The NutraResearch group is now a company that has little to do with that of just two years ago. At the production plant, which initially produced only liquid food supplements and has now been expanded to other pharmaceutical dosage forms, the current three shifts have gone from one work shift, and a fourth will soon be installed on weekends.

The facilities have been equipped with the latest manufacturing technologies. New packaging machines that allow packaging of all types of pharmaceutical presentations in solid and liquid final presentations.

“We have acquired capsule and tablet machines equipped with different formats, as well as equipment to coat the tablets,” explains Javier Martín. The coating becomes something very important in the products of the group, since it can not only fulfill an aesthetic function by acquiring a certain aspect, but we also have functional coatings that can be essential to play important roles in the behavior of the active ingredient within the body. The latest acquisitions have been of equipment for dosing and labeling vials.

The increase in production has led to new hires and the expansion of staff. The most important thing has been “the acquisition of a new company culture, more professionalized and capable of coping up with growing demand,” explains Martín.

Despite the speed of the changes, it is “a process that we have coordinated very well, knowing what the objective was and how to get there.” Thus, new positions have been created dedicated to monitoring and planning demand and supplies, customer service, coordination of each shift, and necessary personnel such as the engineering and maintenance team have been incorporated. “This is a very important structural change, carried out with trained personnel, which allows us to respond to all orders and manage the day-to-day activities.”

Likewise, for the secondary packaging of the products we work with people with different degrees of disability, with the desire of the company to benefit from a culture of diversity, integration and well-being that this implies for the entire workforce.

Expansion of facilities

The new capacities and the expansion of production have already made it necessary to occupy all the available spaces in Barberà del Vallès, whose facilities face the need for expansion in the future. “NutraResearch’s mindset of bringing new solutions and dosage forms to the food supplement market has led to many new projects and increased demand. Without any doubt, due to its nature of continuous innovation, the company will continue to present new proposals, so we are already planning how to respond to growing demand in the future”, advances Martín.