Pharmaceutical firms team up with NutraResearch to showcase their most successful products

Both complete assessment and extensive expertise in the development of innovative solutions, regulatory submissions and market positioning allows you to exceed your expectations in sales.

Rigor dominates our entire development process: stability studies, regulatory aspects and market launch.

NutraResearch enables pharmaceutical and food supplement companies to make a difference by bringing successful innovative solutions to the market. How is that possible?

NutraResearch brings together all the know-how in uncovering new trends and market demands, in the development of the best formulations that answer to these demands, as well as in the regulation and positioning of the products until they reach the shelves. That is why the most prestigious firms in the pharmaceutical sector and those born to create technically complex and innovative solutions rely on NutraResearch to become a team and have all the support to give added value to their products and maximum benefits to the consumer.

The seriousness with which NutraResearch team approaches each of the projects, bonding in a true team with the client, is widely appreciated. “Our main motivation is for our clients to be successful. For this reason, our clients feel supported and appreciate all our assistance and involvement in reaching the best solution in each case”, explains the CEO  of NutraResearch, Gemma Casadevall. On a day-to-day basis, “they often come to us requesting a product and we offer solutions that exceed initial expectations, both in terms of innovation and sales,” adds Casadevall.

The knowledge of new trends joins with the technical and scientific development, and allows to emerge products of the highest quality. An example is our controlled release tablets, that allow to release the active ingredient in a controlled manner, a technique used in the pharmaceutical sector and adapted by NutraResearch for food supplements, especially with complex products, as they are plant extracts or active ingredients of natural origin, which are not found in other products on the market. All possibilities are placed together focused to help the customer, who decides on the best option, whether simple or complex, with the full support and advice of NutraResearch, which is maintained until the product reaches the market.

NutraReserach is also available to react to requests or needs of firms at any point where they are in the development or market launch of their products, whether it is simply to resolve specific technical issue or to apply new solutions.

From development to optimal manufacturing

Still, NutraResearch allows its clients to cover the entire value chain, from development to production, and the entire process from regulatory submission to and placement into the market. Having our own manufacturing plant allows us to carry out the best productions, and to ensure that the most technologically complex projects are manufactured and controlled with the same rigor with which they were developed, complying with all quality standards. “Before, we found ourselves designing technically complex products that were later not manufactured in compliance with all the specifications, which are extremely important for them to maintain all their properties”, explains Casadevall. Controlling the entire process allows us to ensure and guarantee the highest quality for the client.