NutraResearch helps customers to be sustainable by developing their new products under future standards

The group works on state-of-the-art technologies and deliver customized solutions of the highest quality, ready to be launched on the market.

NutraResearch, this month at Pharmapack Europe

Ensuring sustainability is one of the fundamental aspects at NutraResearch. The group works on cutting-edge technologies and delivers tailor-made solutions for each of its clients, ready to be launched on the market, taking into account both current and future sustainability standards. The new sustainable packaging of the NutraResearch group covers the different types of product, adapting and responding to each of the different needs.

Those responsible for the areas of innovation, supply chain and production have been this month of February examining again the latest trends and innovations at the Pharmapack Europe fair in Paris, the main meeting point for the pharmaceutical sector on packaging, drug delivery, medical devices and machinery. The purpose of this and many other actions that the group has been carrying out for some time is none other than to fulfill the objective of helping NutraResearch customers to be more sustainable.

“For NutraResearch, quality is vital, and we make sure that the new materials used in packaging ensure that the product maintains all its properties,” explains the CEO, Gemma Casadevall. This involves the entire product development and manufacturing process. On the one hand, the development and innovation area carries out stability studies with all the formulations that it designs in the laboratory and that will later be produced for customers. In this way, it ensures that the new recycled plastics are inert to changes in temperature, humidity, maintain tightness… On the other hand, the production area makes sure that they are resistant, allow correct handling in packaging, labeling and distribution.

NutraResearch group thus advances, once again, assuring its customers a quality product that not only meets the new requirements, but also responds to the great need to care for our planet.