NutraResearch creates a specific laboratory for the application of controlled release for active ingredients

The new facilities will be able to increase the development capacity of this innovative solution and go further in Research

Controlled release tablets for the active ingredients that NutraResearch has created are already showing great success on the market, which has generated huge demand from customers. In response, NutraResearch has created a specific lab for this application.

What is this revolutionary innovation and what benefits does it bring? NutraResearch has innovatively transferred to the food supplements field the pharmaceutical technology that allows tablets to release the active ingredients only when they reach the right place in our body, or for a specific timing to perform an optimim function. This transfer of technology is extremely complex due to the variability and difficulty that all the phytotherapeutic active ingredients have. For example, a tablet releases small doses of an active ingredient without ceasing for 8 hours for an effective and continuous action, or that an active that is released only when it reaches a specific site in the body, where it has its therapeutic window, for example, the colon. With this, high efficiency is ensured, which has been scientifically proven, something that represents a revolution in the field of food supplements.

The great functionality of this proposal has resulted in the creation of an exclusive working area that allows increasing capacity in the development of new solutions of this nature and, at the same time, going further in research.

On one hand, “in the laboratory we are developing a line of robust controlled release tablets with different behavior depending on the desired dissolution profile and the characteristics of the main active ingredient. To this platform we add the different active ingredients necessary according to the function of each supplement”, explains the person in charge of this lab, Javier Sala.

The specific lab for this purposes is equipped with a total of five pieces of equipment dedicated to verify the functionality of each of the dosage forms. “Each development of a new food supplement requires verification in order to demonstrate the efficacy in the dissolution profile,” adds Sala.

This new equipment enhances  the capacity to develop new formulations to be sold in response to the great interest shown by customers, who have verified the high quality and high efficiency of this innovative proposal in this field.

At the same time, this equipment allows to move forward in research. The great possibilities offered by the application of this new technological platform of controlled release in the field of food supplements and nutraceuticals is the topic of  Javier Sala’s doctoral thesis, an investigation directed by the CEO of NutraResearch, Dr. Gemma Casadevall.

Specifically, Dr. Casadevall, who has developed important research projects in pharmaceutical companies both in US and in Spain, is responsible for the introduction of this technological innovation in the nutraceutical field. “We are investigating even more and going deeper into this new application. Our great contribution is to transfer pharmaceutical technology to the world of food supplements, providing them with the highest quality and efficacy”, explains Casadevall, who is passionate about technology and innovation. “With all this work we want to provide scientific evidence of everything we are contributing to the sector,” adds Sala.