New opportunities in industrial drug development

NutraResearch group CEO, Gemma Casadevall, will give training on the industrial development of drugs and what are the new opportunities, organized by the Uruguayan Association of Chemistry and Pharmacy.

Under the title Development of drugs under the ICH Q8 guideline, a great opportunity, the training will take place on November 7, from 3 to 5 p.m., Spanish time. The online format will allow professionals from Uruguay, Spain, and other Spanish-speaking countries to follow the session.

The objective of ICH Q8 is to design a quality product and its manufacturing process to meet the expected performance of the product, identify the critical quality attributes and the design space; and monitor and control raw materials, excipients and the manufacturing process, all of which are critical to product quality.

NutraResearch stands out in this field for the development of new and innovative high-quality products that, thanks to the application of new technology, meet complex specificities, such as prolonging the action of the active ingredient for the required time or at a specific point in the body that turns out to be the most appropriate.