How to go back to work with courage and face post-vacation syndrome

Coming back to work after summer holidays often causes apathy, tiredness, changes in mood, lack of energy and even sadness. If we also find ourselves in a particularly demanding environment or in which we do not feel valued, stress and insomnia may even appear.

We are not talking about a strange phenomenon. Post-vacation syndrome is common after a long vacation period, and experts estimate that up to 30% of the population may suffer from it. Without being considered a post-vacation crisis, the remaining 70% may feel symptoms such fatigue or tiredness. Our body needs to readjust to the rhythms of a daily routine, something that usually does not happen until after two to three weeks.

Besides trying to resume work routine gradually, without haste and an excessive work load the first days, we can help our body with food supplements that contribute to a proper functioning and that act as natural antidepressants.

A specific combination of adaptogen plants such as Aswhagandra, Rhodiola or Eleutherococcus, together with neurotransmitter precursors, such as Tryptophan, GABA or Magnesium, become great treatments against low mood and stress, are effective and become a great help in regulating our mood, so that we can face the new daily routine with energy and a feeling of positivity. For example, Tryptophan is an amino acid that we must obtain through food and necessary to help produce melatonin and serotonin (regulators of the sleep-wake cycle, and also mood and pain). For the Nutraresearch & Nutraproces Group, however, thanks to its holistic vision, the ideal food supplement is not one based on a single element, but on the right combination of all those that contribute from different aspects to the reestablishment of the complete balance of our body.

As explained by our R&D Director, Albert Sala, “adaptogen plants tend to recover the normal function of the body without a big pharmacological influence”. Taken early, they can prevent the long-term development of depression. That is why a formulation with natural products is seen as a great ally in combating periods in which situations of change or greater stress or complexity are faced, such as returning to work after a well-deserved vacation.