Health and well-being at work are part of the success of the NutraResearch Group

The group faces its growth by focusing on people. This month it has started a training to provide its workers with resources to be happy

NutraResearch has started the training this month.

The NutraResearch Group is undergoing significant growth that is focused not only on the organization, but also on the people who make it up.

Aware of the enormous value of talent, the NutraResearch Group has nurtured multidisciplinary teams that are diverse in age, gender, and culture. Likewise, taking care of people is a key factor. “Health and well-being at work are essential for the success of the group”, explains Imma Pulido, member of the Executive Committee. To carry out this, for the first time the organization is carrying out training to provide people with the resources to be happy. “When someone is happy is when they can perform well in their life and in their work,” asserts Pulido.

Caring for people is even more relevant in transformation processes such as the one being carried out by NutraResearch and Nutraprocés. “The changes carried out by a company with rapid development can place some stress in the organization. Given this, we firmly believe in the importance of offering all the necessary tools and resources to our teams to face the day to day in a healthy and energetic way”, indicates Pulido. “To continue evolving in a sustained way, it is necessary to have a solid, committed, and motivated team. It is important that the people who make up the NutraResearch Group come with enthusiasm to work”.

Trainings are directed by Clara Núñez, ‘Mental Trainer’ with a long history:

Clara Núñez, Mental Trainer and Executive Coach, has conducted the first sessions, which have already begun and will be carried out, including programs focused on the different functions and positions of people within the organization. The people who have already participated have made a very positive assessment of the sessions: “It has helped us grow as professionals, as a team and, above all, as people.” “How much we have learned and enjoyed.” “Now we are clear that the mind is very powerful, but if it is well trained, we can get a lot out of it and feel better, without putting limits or obstacles on the way.”

“In addition to learning while having fun, we have had the opportunity to meet, in a completely different environment and circumstances, the people who make up this great team”, Clara Núñez, who has a long career training teams, has also given her share turn after the first sessions and she has seen in the members of the Group “a brilliant attitude” and an “enormous collaboration”.