How to get ready to be able to celebrate Christmas with health?

Having strong immunity is important to be able to enjoy these days, in which social gatherings increase and we meet with our relatives around a table

Alerts have gone off in recent weeks due to the coexistence of three viruses: the flu, covid and bronchiolitis which, together with the common cold, have come to saturate hospital emergencies in some cases.

With the arrival of the cold, infections have skyrocketed. We now come to the celebration of the Christmas holidays and the increase in social gatherings, first with work dinners and then with those very special gatherings with family and friends around a table, in closed spaces and for several hours. All this makes us ask the question: how to prepare well to be able to celebrate these holidays with health?

The most important thing is to be strong defenses. The immune system is our body’s natural defense against external conditions such as viruses, infections and bacteria. Sleeping the necessary hours and resting well, physical exercise, and a balanced diet are essential to combat any type of antigen in the best conditions.

We can also strengthen the immune system by taking some supplements. Vitamin C is always the most indicated to combat viruses related to respiratory systems. It can also be taken together with other vitamins and minerals that, together, allow for greater absorption and overall strengthening of the defenses.

The importance of fighting stress

Likewise, natural supplements aimed at increasing defenses are also highly indicated in case of suffering a moment of stress, very common on these dates. NutraResearch has created very complete formulations due to its broad functionality, always using 100% natural ingredients. In this sense, thanks to a holistic vision, the ideal complement is not the one based on a single element, but the one that uses a combination, in the right measure, of all those that contribute from different aspects to the reestablishment of the complete balance of our organism. .

In this line, NutraResearch has a range of products that use expertise and the use of technology to comprehensively cover all the needs of the body. A good example is Balance, a very sophisticated supplement that provides the necessary vitamins and minerals, and also includes Ashwagandha, a natural adaptogen that also helps combat stressful situations.

Like Aswhagandha, the combination of adaptogenic plants such as Rhodiola or Eleutherococcus, together with neurotransmitter precursors, such as Tryptophan, GABA or Magnesium, make treatments against low mood and stress effective. so that we can face these dates with energy and a feeling of positivity.

Stress affects the quality of sleep, which in turn also affects the generation of defenses. Various supplements also include melatonin, a natural ingredient that contributes to a better rest. The application of technology allows its effects to be delivered gradually throughout the night, maintaining the quality of sleep until morning.

Maintain good hygiene and prevention

In addition to strengthening our defenses, it is important to always maintain prevention measures. Both the flu, covid and bronchiolitis are different viruses or respiratory infections, but whose symptoms are very similar: fever, body discomfort with muscle pain, mucus… Transmission is carried out through the airway, through droplets that are expel when coughing, sneezing or talking. That is why it is always necessary to ventilate spaces well, maintain good hygiene and wash your hands well with soap. Although it is not mandatory, it is advisable to use the mask if you feel any type of discomfort, to avoid contagion to our relatives.