Gemma Casadevall participates in Advanced Factories

Gemma Casadevall, CEO of Nutrareseach, Instant & Nutra Process, participated on March 4 in the  Industry 4.0 Congress in the paper Health and Pharma – Servitization.

At 17:15 the session started with Francesc Garrido, CEO of CSV Experts (member of CataloniaBioHT); Josep Baijet, CEO of the Saltó Group; Jordi Tura, CEO of Xkelet Easylife; Marta Gutiérrez, CEO of Signeblock, and Gemma Casadevall, CEO of Nutraresearch.

During the session, three success stories of how the health and pharmaceutical sectors could benefit from the use of digital technologies in value chain management, the recognition of artificial intelligence by vision, and their control over the fraudulent product were presented. Without a doubt, a good way to close the second day of Industry 4.0 Congress.

Advanced Factories is the annual meeting of industrial leaders. Year after year, this event brings the most innovative companies in industrial automation, robotics, machine tools and digital manufacturing,  with technologies that can boost industrial competitiveness thanks to new business models, new production processes and the implementation of Industry 4.0.

In parallel, the Industry 4.0 Congress, the largest European congress on industrial innovation, is also celebrated. In this congress, experts give the keys to implement new business models and deepen in the most cutting-edge technological trends around the Advanced Industry.